1981born in Heidelberg
19981 year exchange to Wakayama, Japan
2001graduation from Gymnasium Wiesloch (~high school)
2002enrollment with University of Leipzig
2005-06Study abroad at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto
2008graduation from University of Leipzig (master degree)
2008-09CIR in Ichinomiya, Japan
2009-10Webmaster at Leipzig University
2010Scholarship at the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo
2011-15Doctoral candidate at Heidelberg University/Karl Jaspers Center
2011-12Research fellow/coordinator of Research Area C, Cluster “Asia and Europe”, Heidelberg
2012-13Research fellow at the Global COE "The Intimate and the Public Spheres", Kyoto University
2013-15Research fellow/graduate programme lecturer, Cluster “Asia and Europe”, Heidelberg
2015-17Program-specific senior lecturer at Kyoto University
since 2017Junior associate professor in the Transcultural Studies Division, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University