Storytelling is one of the Arts I hold in a very high regard. To me it does not matter if it`s a novel or a movie, a manga or a stage play as long as the story is vivid and fascinating. On the other hand, telling stories, drawing accompanying pictures and acting in a play are all things I enjoy since childhood. So it was easy for me to find a home within roleplaying and storytelling games like Vampire or Changeling. Here, I have a platform that combines all three of my passions.

My drawings are mostly of humanoid beings like elves, vampires and demons who are the cast of my roleplaying worlds. Most are my own characters, while some are envisions of my players` characters. Descriptions of the characters can be found in the Storytelling section. Recently, I started to draw protagonists of novels I read, as well.
I usually use normal white paper and different kinds of pencils for my drawing.
Examples of my drawings can be found here.

Several `worlds` act as the setting for my storytelling – be it as a Game Master (GM) or Storyteller in a roleplaying game or as an author of short stories about my favorite characters. One of my longest campaigns ever took place on the island of Lodoss (Record of Lodoss War). However, while those game sessions were the best I ever had, they won`t be featured here due to copyright considerations. My own worlds can be found here.

Information regarding commissions will follow on these pages.