TRPG Festival 2019

TRPG Festival is an event for everyone interested in playing and designing role-playing games, ranging from table-talk RPGs to live-action role-play (larp).

JARPS Kickoff-Symposium

To celebrate the publication of the inaugural issue of the Japanese Journal of Analog Role-Playing Game Studies (JARPS), we held a kickoff-symposium at the TRPG Festival 2019. This second academic panel in the history of the TRPG Festival included talks about the new journals purpose and vision (Ishida Kimi, Björn-Ole Kamm, leisure activity support for children and youth diagnosed with ASD (Katō Kōhei), the use of TRPGs in libraries (Takakura Akihiro), and TRPGs in an educational environment (Yasuda Rin).

See the TRPG Festival website for more information (Japanese only).

Nordic Larp Experiences

During TRPG Festival 2019 we also offered several mini-larps/nano-games from the Nordic Larp context:

Slumber Party (Jonaya Kemper, from the #Feminism Anthology)

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Commandos (Lizzie Stark, from the #Feminism Anthology)

Limbo (Tor Kjetil Edland, from Larps from the Factory)